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Leawood, KS Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Installation

Ben and John Kimminau founded their own flooring company in part because they wanted to fully control the final quality of the product. Today, Kimminau Wood Floors is the premier flooring company in the Leawood area thanks to an ongoing commitment to the highest standards of quality. Discover the many ways we live up to our motto — ‘Quality in Every Step.’

Why a wood floor for your Leawood home or business? Two reasons — wood floors outlast almost every other form of flooring and they are more timeless in their look. Trends in other flooring designs come and go. The look of wood flooring stands up to the test of time. With our attention to detail, a one-time decision to install wood floors will pay off in beauty and durability for a lifetime.

Latest Products & Techniques

Our specialization in wood floors means that we are fully up to date in employing the latest techniques and equipment. One example is our dustless containment system that maintains air quality while we are performing the sanding necessary in hardwood refinishing. We also have water-based and low-odor products for staining and sealing available to us. Water-based urethane coatings do not experience yellowing over time. The multiple coats required in hardwood refinishing can often be applied in one day thanks to quick drying times. Such coatings are also low-odor.

Customer Service

A full commitment to quality must extend beyond the materials and the workmanship to customer service. From the initial in-depth consultation through installation and on to future maintenance, we strive to provide unsurpassed customer service to our Leawood customers.

Free Estimates in Leawood

Call us for a free estimate whether your need is hardwood refinishing or a new floor install. We’ll patiently walk you through the many choices in woods, widths, styles, and stains. We want you to end up with exactly the finished floor that you desire. With a Kimminau wood floor install, you’ll learn about the various ways in which we can artistically customize your floor through the use of medallions, borders, wood scraping, and distressing.

Kimminau is fully insured and licensed in Leawood and throughout both Kansas and Missouri. For all of your hardwood refinishing, sanding, and staining needs, it’s Kimminau. Please call or fill in our on-line form today!

Wood You Like More Info?

We had at least six people out to examine our project. The problem was that we had wood mixed with carpet in the same rooms. And the wood had been put in place raw, hand scraped, and hand finished. Everyone who looked at the project said they could not match the old floor so we could not replace the carpet without replacing all the wood as well. Enter Ben Kimminau...this guy offered a solution to lay new raw wood in the carpeted areas and then sand out the scraping and stain so it would all match. In other words, old wood laying right next to new wood. Scary, right? It’s done. It’s amazing.

We’ve been living in the basement for two weeks while they completed the renovation. Today, Ben’s wife showed up to pull all the tape, vacuum all the baseboards, wipe down all of the dust, and leave us with clean space that is ready for furniture. Then she handed me a cleaning kit with a lint-free mop and Kimminau’s recommended private-labeled cleaning solution. I have to say, I’m blown away by this last part. I’ve had a lot of companies work on my houses over the years. No one ever sent in a pro clean crew at the end.

People who know me know I don’t do product or company endorsements very often (ok, unless it’s restaurants...I love my food), but this company has just impressed the hell out of me. The owner assessed our problem, solved it, provided a professional, itemized quote in three days, sent daily appointment reminders when they would be in the house, and never made me wait more than an hour when I emailed with questions. And the floors are beautiful. I could not be more pleased.
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