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Kansas City Hardwood Floor Restoration

Wood Floor Restoration Experts

When it comes to restoration, Kimminau is the company to call. We specialize in restoration. Whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner, we’re your one-stop shop for repairs and restoration. Some of the leading restoration companies rely on our services each day. We are members of NARI (Nationals Association of the Remodeling Industry) which means we are licensed and  experienced. If you have been the victim of fire, water, or any other kind of damage, give us a call. We would love to come out and give you an on-site assessment. Our trained staff can help you determine if your wood floor can be repaired or if it must be replaced. Sometimes we can replace the damaged area and save the rest.

Wood Floor Renovation Professionals

Even if you aren’t the victim of fire, flood or other disaster, sometimes you just need to change your flooring. When homeowners remodel their homes, many times they’d like to extend a wood floor, but are concerned with the project looking seamless rather than an add on. Don’t worry. Our skilled experts can “lace in” planks, sand the entire wood floor (both existing and new area) and refinish it to look like it was there from the beginning. We can help you with any wood floor need from extending your floor into another room to refinishing your existing floor to installing a brand new wood floor. Just call Kimminau. Our experience will not only allow us to show you all of your options, but we can also show you the most cost-effective solution to your situation.

Additional Services

At Kimminau, our customer service extends past the expected right into the extraordinary. We include services and details that other hardwood floor companies don’t. Here is a list of the services our competition might consider “extras”:

Move toilets/pedestals – we always remove the toilets and pedestals in a bathroom and re-install them with a  new wax ring. This gives the finished floor the most professional and seamless look. Others might cut the flooring at the bases of these items, which leaves a choppier and less finished look to your floor.

Pull base-shoe – we always remove the base shoe (sometimes called quarter round) from the perimeter of the room. No matter how careful you try to be, refinishing a floor will damage these slightly and we want everything about your new hardwood floor to be perfect.

Install new base shoe – we replace the base shoe with a brand new base shoe that is either primed or stained and coated so it looks great.

Install flush frame vents – we remove old heating and cooling vents and install new ones that are flush with your floor for added beauty.

Move kitchen appliances – we always remove kitchen appliances. We consider that part of our customer service pledge to you. Other companies may tell you that you are responsible for your own appliance moving, which forces you to move it yourself or hire an outside company.

Move contents – we move the contents of the room for you as well. Again, it’s all part of our job and our commitment to excellent customer service.

Remove existing flooring – if you are getting a new hardwood floor we will remove the old flooring (carpet, hardwood, tile, linoleum, etc.) for you, no matter what type of flooring you are replacing.

Wood You Like More Info?

This is the second home that Kimminau Wood Floors has finished for us. After the beautiful job they provided us at our older home, we knew that Kimminau was the choice for our next home! We are so pleased with the work that was done!

Ben Kimminau initially provided us with an in depth consultation, following with an accurate description of the scope of work to be done & cost of the job. We knew precisely what to expect. John Kimminau was the lead for our job, and he and his crew were timely, courteous, professional, and respectful of our home.

We will definitely recommend Kimminau Wood Floors, and should we have the need in the future, they will be our choice for hardwood floor finishing!
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