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From Dull to Dazzling with Dust-Free Refinishing

Comprehensive Turnkey Solution

When you hire Kimminau Floors you’re not just hiring a contractor to sand your floors. You’re hiring a professional that will provide you with a comprehensive turn-key solution. Our project manager will email you the plan and you will get daily service reminders from our scheduling software.

Here’s an example list of common services that are necessary on most refinishing jobs:

  • Scheduling a professional moving company to move contents
  • Using an airSled machine to properly move appliances without scratching the floor
  • Removing base shoe/quarter-round and replacing it with new
  • Scheduling a professional plumber to reset toilets and vanities
  • Scheduling a painter to apply the finishing touches on newly installed trim
  • Scheduling a roll-off dumpster for large projects requiring significant demolition

Kimminau Floors is focused on providing the best possible customer experience for all our clients. These additional services are listed on separate line items in our estimates and we allow our clients to pick and choose the scope that best serves their needs.

Warranty & Maintenance Plan

Kimminau Floors provides a full unconditional guarantee that your floor finish will not peel or wear through for a period of three years. Not many in the industry offer this type of guarantee but we’re extremely confident in not only our craftsmanship but the quality of our floor finishes.

In addition to the warranty, our clients will receive a comprehensive maintenance brochure and professional cleaning kit when the project is completed.   Our maintenance guidelines will show you how to properly care for your hardwood floors so that they can go decades without having to be refinished again.

We don’t believe in tail-light warranties and would rather build lasting relationships with our clients. Another reason why you can trust the professionals at Kimminau Floors.

View Warranty Maintenance Brochure

The Best Dust Containment Technology in the Industry

Without a doubt, the single biggest fear many clients have about getting their hardwood floors refinished is DUST. Everyone has heard the horror stories of contractors coming into their home, utilizing antiquated dust-collection bags and leaving a giant mess in their wake.

Thankfully, there have been many technological advances, not only with more powerful and efficient vacuum systems but also with the sanding machines as well. Kimminau Floors has not only researched but tried out many different systems and we feel our solution is the most effective method in the industry.

You will be amazed at the results that can be achieved by properly masking off cabinets and doorways and by hooking up these patented vacuums to all our sanding equipment. If you would like to take a closer look at the technology involved with our dust collection system – check out this cool video!

Finish Customizations

What type of finish is best for your floor? Most contractors will recommend the finish they’re most comfortable applying or the one that is the cheapest. We prefer to ask our clients a series of questions to determine what’s most important to them and make a recommendation based on their answers.

Here’s a series of questions we often ask during the sales consultation:

  • Are you concerned about odor? hard-wax oil, water-based urethanes
  • Looking for a commercial grade finish? conversion varnish, two-component water-based urethane
  • Do you want a fast drying/curing finish? hard-wax oil or two-component water-based urethane
  • Do you have large dogs and are scratches your primary concern? conversion varnish
  • Most economical finishes? oil-modified urethane, single component water-based urethane
  • Looking for custom color options, maybe a cerused floor or super low sheen? hard-wax oil, water-based urethane

Kimminau Floors doesn’t provide a one size fits all solution, we have a wide variety of finish types with varying sheen levels. Our technicians have the skills to apply the options listed above, including natural oil finishes.

No Sub-Contractors

Kimminau Floors Believes in Quality Control.

Quality control is maintained by having a trained staff complete your refinishing project. We can control the fact that our staff will use state-of-the-art equipment, follow a proven and documented sanding process, use high-quality sandpaper, and apply the correct commercial grade finish that has been specified in the scope of work.

Many of our competitors hire sub-contractors to complete the refinishing work. Sub-contractors get paid by the foot, use the cheapest finishes, have limited dust-collection, and cut many corners in the sanding process. While they’re focused on the fastest way to complete the job, we’re focused on quality!

When interviewing a potential hardwood contractor, don’t be afraid to ask: Who’s going to be doing the work in my home? Can I trust your staff in my home when I’m gone? Has your staff been trained by the NWFA? What is your sanding process and why is it superior?

Easily one of the best companies that I've ever worked with. Ben and John were excellent, from the initial estimate to the final inspection. Their attention to detail and desire to make everything perfect made all the difference in the world, and our floors look incredible. Our job was big (2,000 sq ft) and had several complications. They did a great job of addressing all of our concerns and making sure we were pleased before closing the job out. We can not recommend Kimminau Wood Floors enough. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Let Kimminau Put Your Worries To Rest

This will depend on the finishing system that you have selected and the layout of your home. Our low VOC water-based urethane system will allow you to stay in the home during the refinishing process. However, there may be a few nights where you won’t be able to walk on the floor, like when it has been freshly stained. If your floorplan will allow you to stay in the house without walking on the floor and you have selected our fast drying, low VOC urethane finish, then you will be able to stay in the house. Your project manager at Kimminau Floors will indicate which nights are safe to walk on the floor and which nights cannot have foot traffic. We will try to be as accommodating as possible.

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