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Kimminau Stands For Quality in Every Step

Posted on May 29, 2014 by admin

Kimminau Wood Floors was created with one thing in mind – customer experience. From the beginning, Ben and John wanted to provide high quality wood floor service combined with the very best in customer service. That’s why they came up with a process so customers know exactly what is going to happen when Kimminau provides hardwood floor refinishing or installations.

Job Preparation

After you award the job, we create a completely detailed and customized checklist for your job. Materials are ordered and hardwood will be delivered at least a week early to allow for proper acclimation.


Prior to firing up any saws or nailers we ensure your subfloor is properly flattened and squeaks are removed where possible. We will also make sure your work area is properly isolated with plastic to control dust as much as possible.


Wood floor sanding separates the experts from the amateurs. We’ve spared no expense
when it comes to our sanding equipment. Our sanding processes have been inspired by certified NWFA craftsman from around the country. With the help of our state-of-the-art equipment like the Lagler Trio we consistently deliver floors that are extremely flat and have maximal finish life.


Unique to our process is our application method for surface finishes with an 18” roller. This method provides extremely high finish build and very even spread rates for the finish,
resulting in more consistent sheen and wear protection.

Job Wrap-Up

Once final coat has been applied, we will make a return trip the next day to review the floor and tackle any remaining items that need to be addressed. We will also leave floor cleaning supplies and maintenance care instructions to keep your floors looking and performing their best!

Contact Kimminau today, and let us show you the very best in quality craftsmanship and customer service.